5G RF Front-end Solutions

Backward compatible with 4G/3G/2G, Phase5N MMMB PA and TxFEM support sub-3GHz NR reframing band and n41 Power class2. With different filters, Phase5N MMMB PA and TxFEM provides flexible design solutions and meet various requirements of terminal products. 

Sub-3GHz LNA Bank is used for both lord and diversity set reception to increase system sensitivity and ensure the best user experience.

MIPI 2.1 enabled MMMB PA embedded with Phase5N PA produces the common Sub3G EN-DC portfolio.

Smaller than the MMMB PA, the n41 PAMiF embedded with Phase5N supports n41 2T4R, saving board area.

From the first generation of 1T1R LPAMiF to the second generation of 1T2R LPAMiF, and from the first generation of 1R LFEM to the second generation of 2R LFEM, Sub-6GHz NR band presents superior performance with better integration.

GSM PA with MIPI 2.1, supports V-RAMP and Linear GMSK to provide customers with more options.


Products include