Quad-Band GSM/EDGE & Band34/39 TD-SCDMA/TDD-LTE Front End Module with 16 TRx Ports

The FX5811 is a multi-mode multi-band front-end module (FEM) delivering both the power amplification and antenna switching functions. With the state-of-the-art integration design and advanced GaAs technology, this FEM supports both quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE (GSM850/EGSM900/DCS1800/PCS1900) and dual-band TD-SCDMA/TDD-LTE (Bands 39 & 34 1880-1920MHz and 2010-2025MHz), with matched 50-Ohm RF input and output ports. The FEM also supports UMTS/LTE applications through 16 high linearity TRx ports.



The FX5811 consists of a GaAs HBT power amplifier, a SOI SP4T, a SOI SP6T, a SOI SP8T antenna switch, and a CMOS controller chip. The GaAs HBT power amplifier can work in saturated mode for GMSK, as well as in linear mode for GMSK, EDGE 8PSK and TDSCDMA/TDD-LTE operations. With delicately designed internal low-pass filters, this module provides excellent harmonic suppressions in all operating frequencies. The TRx ports are partitioned into three independent switch blocks, comprising 7 LB ports, 5 MB ports and 4 HB ports. Each switch block includes an integrated directional coupler that may be monitored on the CPL port. Three antenna configration provides simultaneous LB, MB and HB reception required for downlink CA . The FX5811 also guarantees robust 8kV high ESD protection for the antenna port.



Housed in a compact 5.5mmx5.5mmx0.75mm package, the FX5811 greatly lowers the front-end complexity of multi-mode GSM/GPRS/EDGE/TD-SCDMA/TDD-LTE solution, facilitates the customer's implementation, and saves board room and cost significantly.







• Multi-mode high integration

• High efficiency for all bands:

GSM850/EGSM900 33%

DCS1800/PCS1900 34%

• 25dBm maximum linear power for TD-SCDMA application

• 24dBm maximum linear power for TDD-LTE application

• Flexible antenna configuration with three RF outputs

• 16 low insertion loss/high linearity TRX ports

• MIPI RFFE v2.1 interface

• Integrated broadband coupler

• 8kV ESD protection at antenna port

• MSL rating level 3

• Green product