TDD LTE Bands 34/39, FDD LTE Bands 1/2, WCDMA Bands 1/2, CDMA Band BC1

The NZ5401S is a 10-pin power amplifier module developed for TDD LTE/FDD LTE/WCDMA/ CDMA applications. With advanced InGaP HBT technology, the module supports full bandwidth of TDD LTE Bands 34/39, FDD LTF Bands 1/2, WCDMA Bands 1/2, CDMA Band BC1, and meets the stringent linearity requirements of LTE/WCDMA/CDMA specifications.

The NZ5401S is self contained with a GaAs power amplifier, a bias controller, input & output matching networks and internal directional coupler. The GaAs PA provides RF amplification in linear mode, while the integrated bias controller provides regulated voltage according to input control logic, which can be compatible with most of mobile device solutions. The module is fully matched to 50 ohms at all RF ports.

With Lansus's state-of-the-art technology and supporting three (high, medium and low) power modes with different gain settings, the NZ5401S reduces current consumption significantly in both high and low power operations. Furthermore, different gain steps also increase the system’s dynamic range. Compatible with APT (Average Power Tracking) technology to extend battery life, the NZ5401S efficiency can be further improved with VCC2 supplied from DC-DC converter, which can be set from 0.5~3.4V accordingly to different output power level.

Packaged in a compact 3mm x 3mm x 0.85mm module, the NZ5401S performs with high efficiency, high linearity, low temperature variation, strong reliability and robust ruggedness. In addtion to the feature of RoHS compliant, the NZ5401S is free of hazardous substances and rated as green product.

The NZ5401S is rated to Moisture Sensitivity Level 3(MSL3) at 260°C per JEDEC JSTD-020.



• TDD LTE Bands 34/39(2010-2025MHz, 1880-1920MHz)
• FDD LTE Bands 1/2(1920MHz-1980MHz, 1850MHz-1910MHz)
• WCDMA Bands 1/2(1920-1980MHz, 1850-1910MHz)
• CDMA Band BC1(1850-1910MHz)
• Supply Voltage 3V-4.5V
• High efficiency
• Good Linearity
• APT Compatible VCC2 adjustable to improve PAE
• Integrated directional coupler
• Digital control pins
• No external voltage regulators required
• Compact size 3mm x 3mm
• Low profile 0.85mm typically
• ESD Class 1C
• MSL rating level 3
• Green product